Юань упал до новоиспеченого антирекорда: банчок Китая установил курс

S [/ dropcap] After  such  as the  USA  declared  China a » money  manipulator», the  National  Bank of  China (PBC)  again  lowered  the yuan rate. So , on August 8, the renminbi rate (the official  name of the  Chinese  hard currency ) was reduced  by  7.0039 yuan  due to the  dollar .

According to the  statistics of the regulator, it  probably  makes little  sense  since April 21, 2008. The past  anti-record was set  in advance , on August 7,  as soon as the  NBK  lowered the  rate  for the  minimum amount  since May 15, 2008. In general, the yuan  placed  on  an unprecedented  low  of  11 years level.

The devaluation of the yuan to the  South American  hard currency  continues for  more than  the 6th  working day in a row,  for the first time  since 2008 the  exchange  rate has  broken the  emotional  mark of 7.0. The USA  explains  this  trend by  saying  that  China is unleashing a  monetary  war, while in China itself,  these  complaints are  refuted .

At the stock exchange the RMB is traded  according to  7.0432  dollar .

The devaluation of the yuan against the  American  hard currency  continues  for  the 6th  working day in a row

As  the  chief  economist of the Qianhaikaiyuan Foundation, Yang Delong, said, «the players  are obliged to  preserve  peace  and  confidence  in the  unified  directions of the  bazaar .» According  to Yang Deluna, » reasons  for  long-term  devaluation of the yuan against the  greenback absent

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