В Англии представлен конечный вариант управления сообразно криптовалютным активам

S [/ dropcap] management  according to  the monetary  regulation  and supervision  England  (FCA) published the final version of  the control  according  kriptovalyutnym assets, designating which of  them  fall  before  it  yurispundentsiyu .

“A token that is not a security or a form of electronic money is not subject to regulation. Nevertheless, market participants need to take into account that certain activities using such tokens may be regulated, for example, when they are used to make regulated payments, ”the  document says.

Most of the  published  bosses  were submitted in January of  this  year, and, as  expected , the  final  edition  does not  cover  important  configurations in any way .

In particular, the  management  covers the  opinion of a  security token,  which is  oriented  as a  property that  owns the  features of  promotions  or  debt  instrumentsconnecting the  advantage of  belonging . For  those  tokens  used  ones  because  bossedthough  for  ordinary  relevant  securities, due because of  that  they  are required to  be regulated by FCA.

Как и в случае с классическими средствамифирмам предоставляется вероятность издавать security-токены в отсутствии лицензии регулятора, но торговля ими в отсутствии разрешения FCA воспрещена.

Utility tokens, on the  other  hand,  do not own such  features  in any way   and  therefore  , as the  leaderthey will not occupy  FCA in any wayWithdrawal compose  cases,  as soon as  they  fulfill  the function of  the electrical means  , and  such  a way to include  the group  e-money.    

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